Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tiny houses

Less is more.
~Mies Van Der Rohe

To be honest, I am not a minimalist. My daughter Elena said recently, "Mom, you couldn't fit your teas in a tiny house." Guilty as charged, but I like to see people's tiny houses. (I can imagine someday having a backyard with a tiny house in it for guests.) There's something wonderful about how personalized they are. When you are working with such a small space, every decision you make about what you put in it has purpose and is meaningful for you.

Living Big in a Tiny House


Jeanne said...

Interesting. As a big person, I've never been interested in tiny homes, but I've never seen one that was at all accessible before.

Tabatha said...

I love the video about the accessible house! So much care went into it. Having the bed not be in a loft is critical (and of course having enough space for a walker or wheelchair).