Thursday, June 27, 2019

The heart is...

There is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars.
~Victor Hugo

Arrhythmia by Hailey Leithauser today. Maybe it could be a mentor poem, using "The brain of a ________ is" or "The hands/feet of a _______ are" as a starting point.

Swan by Dominik

by Hailey Leithauser

The heart of a bear is a cloud-shuttered
mountain. The heart of a mountain’s a kiln.
The white heart of a moth has nineteen white
chambers. The heart of a swan is a swan.

The heart of a wasp is a prick of plush.
The heart of a skunk is a mink. The heart
of an owl is part blood and part chalice.

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My website has been updated!

Buffy Silverman has the Poetry Friday round-up today. Thanks, Buffy!


Buffy Silverman said...

So many cool and unexpected images in this poem--love it. And you're right, it would be an interesting jumping-off point/mentor text.

Michelle Kogan said...

Such a dark ending to the poem, and lots of imagery before…
Your website looks fantastic! I love all the art images spattered throughout and images of you. I'm going to come back and spend some more time there. I do like how you posted your "Where I'm From" poem on your bio page. I also liked the images of Joan of Arc and Einstein.

Linda Mitchell said...

Your website is beautiful! I love the color scheme and all the fun things to discover. Add a button for your blog, kid! It's one of the best places to discover.
This poem is didn't take me where I thought I was going and I like that in a poem. I kept reading to find out where I was headed. That last line was chilling. Nice pick for this week.

KatApel - said...

What an intriguing poem. It kept swerving in unexpected directions. That first verse especially beautiful.

I've been thinking of you this week - thankful all over again for your PoetrySwap kindness shared around the world.

Cheriee Weichel said...

That poem is glorious. So many images, so many surprises. I'm left in awe.

Ruth said...

Lovely, and your website is wonderful too!

Mary Lee said...

This poem made me laugh (heart of a skunk) and wonder (heart of an owl) and head to the dictionary (heart of a scorpion). I also got lost down a rabbit hole of Leithauser's poetry. I think she's tying with Kay Ryan as a favorite! Thanks for the introduction!

I second Kat's "thinking of you." The poetry swaps are magic! And the world needs more magic!

Margaret Simon said...

What a surprising poem. It starts off quite whimsical, then turns to serious and chilling. Great mentor text as you suggest.

Tabatha said...

I wonder whether humans have more than one heart (according to HL)? What I'm wondering specifically is whether "grave" heart refers to things that have passed or are lost (or are endangered?), and we have to listen to hear/learn about them. What do you think?

Kay said... usual your quote and poem give me much to think about. Now I'm wondering where else this poem might lead as a mentor text. I love the look of your website!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Wow. A list. A spell, an incantation. A magic of likeness and wild difference.

Also, a neighbor! I feel like I want to call her up and ask her to tutor me!