Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Printable zines and a template

The older I get, the more I'm conscious of ways very small things can make a change in the world.
~Sandra Cisneros

Hi! I made some one-page zines for kids to print, cut, and fold. I wanted to show the different kinds of things that could be put in this little space — info, stuff to help you practice, things purely for entertainment. I am also including a blank one so people can make their own.

* Red Panda zine
* Albert Einstein zine
* Multiplication Tables zine
* Silly Riddles for You zine
* Blank template for making your own zine

Once you print it and cut off the white spaces around the edges, here's how to construct the zine.

Other zines:
Where is Peace? (poems, printable)
Austin Kleon's zines (so good!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The human creature is a social animal and will derive companionship of soul from the unlikeliest sources. It will be fed by even the hint of a smile or twinkle of the eye from a passerby where no more vital companionship food is to be had.
~Michael R. Phillips

Being home for the pandemic has made our local community message board very active. Some posts have made me wonder why people are so awful, but there have been plenty of useful and even charming ones. People have enthusiastically embraced the Bear Hunt trend and our Pink Unicorn. Someone requested doing a jigsaw puzzle trade and got lots of takers (we left two on our stoop and received two). The Little Free Library owner down the street is trading homegrown seedlings for donations for our local food pantry.

A post that asked "What have you enjoyed during COVID19?" got dozens of replies: more time with family, improved traffic, baking, and gardening, for instance. One thing that was mentioned by a number of people is now much they liked finding kindness rocks on their daily walks. That prompted me to paint several rocks.

I'm taking a break from being regular with my posts, as you might have noticed :-) My daughter Ariana is starting a new medicine and that is enough scheduled activity for now.