Monday, June 10, 2024


I burnt any yearning for the industry’s approval to the ground and that’s when it all started working.

For Music Monday, Chinchilla with a live version of "1:5." The fly costume is wow, and the lyrics are striking. How often do people sing about ratios, anyway? (Note: she does drop two f-bombs.)

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Full and open

How can you sing prayerfully of heaven and earth and all God's wonders without using your hands?
~Mahalia Jackson

Happy Poetry Friday! A poem from the Poetry Foundation today. I've been known to praise imperfection now and then, haha.

At Church, I Tell My Mom She’s Singing Off-Key and She Says,
by Michael Frazier

I ain’t off-key. I just stepped out the key
so when I return,
you can understand the key a little bit better.
The preacher isn’t the only
teacher. Why hit a note on the head
when I can kill it? You mean to tell me
you come here week after week
and want the same old Amazing
Grace? Just cause the Blood will never lose its power
don’t mean a melody won’t.
My ministry may not be song, but I got a song
to sing. I done made it from Sunday
to Sunday. You expect me not to celebrate
and thank God, with my hands raised,
my flats off, my full and open


Michael Frazier has a Persona writing prompt that might interest you.

Tangles and Tails has the Poetry Friday round-up. Thanks, Tracey!

Free to make mistakes

Anything that engages your creative mind — the ability to make connections between unrelated things and imagine new ways to communicate — is good for you.
~Girija Kaimal

This Art Thursday, I'm celebrating creativity for everyone...

Here's how making art helps your brain

Research shows the arts promote mental health

Why being creative is good for you
Quotes from that article: Creativity, according to Maya Angelou, is a bottomless pit: "The more you use it, the more you have," said the novelist.
"Creativity will always provoke your fear," says [Elizabeth] Gilbert, who has come to terms with her own artistic anxiety by "talking to it in a friendly way… I acknowledge its importance and I invite it along". Equally, we should allow, or even embrace, our mistakes.

38 Amazing Ways to Be Creative (Even if You’re Not!)
P.S. I'm in New Hampshire celebrating a family member's 85th birthday, so I scheduled this early.

Monday, June 3, 2024

The prettiest tree

Gossett initially only intended to write and perform music for family gatherings around the holiday season, when he would share ideas with family members and create music together.

Dylan Gossett for Music Monday:

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Singing to myself

Your library is your portrait.
~Holbrook Jackson

First things first, did I cry with gratitude today when the verdict came in? Yes, I did. Am I celebrating right now? Yes, I am.

For Poetry Friday, a mentor poem: Eileen Cleary's "Self Portrait as Dog Breed Description."

Self Portrait as Dog Breed Description
by Eileen Cleary ​

Bred from Irish stock with others bled in.
Thin coat of sunlit hair
with red highlights, often redder
in summer. Scared of loud noises,
sensitive to house plants. Do not leave...

read the rest here (the fourth poem down)


My response:

Self-portrait as a bird who meows

Appears unassuming at first glance
but has hidden color. Prefers flying
close to the ground to out in the open,
will sit happily in the middle of a
tangle or thicket and sing. Returns
to the same feeders, season after
season. Has been known to chirp, whistle,
warble, carry on at any time of day.
Sounds like more than one bird.


Salt City Verse has the Poetry Friday round-up. Thanks, Janice!

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

You should not know what your picture is to look like until it is done. Just see the picture that is coming.

For Art Thursday, Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923). When I was reading about the artist, I saw that he wore himself out painting his largest commission, which can be seen in New York City:
Sorolla met Archie Huntington in Paris and signed a contract to paint a series of oils on life in Spain. These 14 magnificent murals, installed to this day in the Hispanic Society of America building in Manhattan, range from 12 to 14 feet in height, and total 227 feet in length. The major commission of his career, it dominated the later years of Sorolla's life...

Despite the immensity of the canvases, Sorolla painted all but one en plein air [painted outdoors], and travelled to the specific locales to paint them...Each mural celebrated the landscape and culture of its region, panoramas composed of throngs of laborers and locals. By 1917 he was, by his own admission, exhausted. [Wikipedia]
Breakwater, San Sebastian
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

Bueyes arreando barcas, 1909
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

My Family, 1901
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

Blind Man of Toledo
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

La Catedral de Burgos
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

Monday, May 27, 2024

Fooled around

I didn't care how much they cried, no sir
Their tears left me cold as a stone
~Elvin Bishop

Music Monday! We've got Miranda Lambert and her talented friends Maren Morris, Elle King, Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes and Caylee Hammack covering Elvin Bishop's "Fooled Around and Fell in Love." (His background singer Mickey Thomas sang the song...Thomas would later become the lead singer of Jefferson Starship with Grace Slick, but I digress.)

Bonus: If You Were Mine (Miranda Lambert featuring Leon Bridges)