Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Calendar of Posts

“What if there were no hypothetical questions?”
~ George Carlin

Owl by Ina Hattenhauer,
part of the Owl Lover 2012 printable calendar

I'm sharing a capricious calendar of annual events today. If I had more time, maybe I could cross-reference my posts to figure out everyone's birthdays whom I have ever posted, but...that will have to wait.

The Opposite of Indifference
Calendar Collection

* A free printable calendar by Riki Blanco (with an updated 2012 link at the bottom)
* Joan of Arc's birthday
* YoungArts Week
* Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday
* Free days at the national parks, which start with Martin Luther King weekend
* Edgar Allan Poe's birthday
* Football
* Robbie Burns' birthday
* Jules Verne's birthday
* Valentines
* African American History Month
* African American Read In
* Read Across America Day
* International Women's Day
* Naomi Shihab Nye's birthday
* Einstein's birthday is the same as Pi Day (3.14, March 14th)
* Chaka Khan's birthday
* Women's History Month
* Music in Our Schools Month
* Poem for Your Pocket Day
* Shakespeare's birthday
* National Poetry Month
* May Day
* Mother's Day
* Kinetic Sculpture Race
* Bloomsday
* Father's Day
* All-National Honors Ensembles
* The 4th of July
* Beatrix Potter's birthday
* Back to School Haiku
* Science projects, for fairs and otherwise
* An admittedly random list of classroom ideas
* Grandparents' Day
* September 11
* 100,000 Poets for Change
* Museum Day
* John Lennon's birthday
* Halloween
* Take a Veteran to School Day
* Thanksgiving
* Winston Churchill's birthday
* National Novel Writing Month
* Beethoven's birthday
* Winter/Holidays

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