Friday, January 20, 2012


I had fun playing with Tagxedo. Did I hear about that from one of you guys? If so, thanks! I used Tagxedo to make three word clouds (two with my poems and one with Margarita Engle's Memory).

Peace in Poetry City:

By Margarita Engle

When songs were alive
they needed no mouths
to send them flying...

Check out another memory poem by Ms. Engle.

The poem at the top is one I wrote with Magnetic Poetry! It goes:

Ode to Musicians

Who Music sculpts,
who Music
to make raw worlds,
drives mad
with demands.

They must
vivid senses
with ghosts,
to perform whole,
to make a whole world.

Wild Rose Reader has our Poetry Friday round-up today. (I am actually on vacation at the moment. I look forward to checking out the poems when I return.)


GatheringBooks said...

Tabatha! I heard that you're having a much-deserved vacation under the sun (I wouldn't dare disclose who my source is).
I would just like to say that this post has moved me on different levels. One: I have a special affinity with Margarita Engle's poetry, having reviewed two of her books for our novel-in-verse theme last December - I am simply enamored with the way she writes, the cadence of her lines, the texture of her voice - and she also seems like a very warm, welcoming individual. She has sent me three of her books over the Holidays! Such generosity of spirit. I am hoping that I would meet her during the Asian Festival of Children's Content here in Singapore this May - we are planning on inviting her.

Second point is that I also am doing research with musicians. In fact, I have just finished reading an academic book entitled "Musicians in Tune" written by Jenny Boyd (based on her doctoral dissertation) and my mind is still reeling with the many things that I have gained from reading that body of work.

Your poem however, perfectly captures the beauty of composition that fashions worlds out of nothingness. I have a feeling that my musician friends (highly-respected musical icons in the Philippines) would resonate with this poem that you created. Many thanks for sharing and enjoy your time in the sun!

Linda B said...

I just taught some students about Tagxedo. They didn't use poems, but words in one theme for theirs. What a good idea, and they look beautiful too. Have a wonderful vacation!

jama said...

Wonderful tagxedos and fabulous poem. I am ever in awe of musicians and composers. There is the precision of mathematics coupled with the vagaries of emotion. How do they do it?

Author Amok said...

Hi, Tabatha. These word clouds are beautiful. You know the second stanza of your poem resonates with me. I can't wait to share it with my clarinetist.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

This is so cool! What a great mix of process, form, concept and beautiful word choice. Inspiring!

Mary Lee said...

What a fun new tool to use for interpreting and displaying a poem! Like Wordle, only better!

And thanks for reminding me about magnetic poetry. Play is so important.

Tara said...

Ooh...this is so cool - as Mary just noted - like Wordle but better! Enjoy your holiday in the sun...soak it up!!

Amy L V said...

"They must
vivid senses
with ghosts"

I love this line - it feels so true about all of the arts, and how fine to write an ode to musicians.

I've never seen tagxedos before - must go see more. Thank you!