Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tell all the Truth but tell it slant.
~ Emily Dickinson

My youngest offspring likes to draw family members in unconventional ways. For instance, she once drew each of us as a different kind of candy. (I was a Reese's cup.) I have a fond memory of her drawing us as giraffes, although I'm not sure where that picture is. Somewhere, I have nubby horns and a long neck.

Most recently, she drew me as a Jack (Jill?)-in-the-box:

It's like having a make-over, only less trouble. :-) If you don't have somebody who wants to reinvent you, there are other options:
* On iLibrarian, they offer a list of things to do with your photos that includes making comic strips and photo widgets.

*On PhotoFunia, you can put your face on a coin, in a Klimt artwork, on a billboard, on the Mona Lisa...the list goes on.

* Morph your face on Face of the Future transformative project.

* On Dumpr, you can take a photo and make it into a pencil sketch, which they suggest you can print out and color.

* If you're interested in drawing people as anthropomorphic animals, eHow has instructional videos, such as this one about how to draw an anthropomorphic wolf.


madelyn said...

You make a fine jack-in-the-box! Raising glass (or mug) to imagination.

Mary Lee said...

I'm saving this post to explore your play-with-your-photos links! Thanks!