Thursday, January 10, 2019


I have a profound interest in embroidery, as I have female ancestors on both sides who embroidered their way through great trials.
~Emil Ferris

My younger daughter discovered recently that she likes embroidering. She embroidered two presents for her grateful sister and now she is excited to embroider all the things.

It would take a while to work up to any of these projects (and she would need to have a lot of time to do them!):

Portugal, circa 1845

Men's coat, probably England

Portugal, circa 1825

Wall hanging

Chinese Dragon at Mystic Seaport

photo by Rusty Clark

Four Roundels, China, late 19th century

photo by Rick Semple

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HWY said...

These are gorgeous examples of embroidery. And the dress is amazing. Your daughter (and I happen to know her name is Elena) has picked a wonderful pursuit.

Had to chuckle about embroidering Martha Stewart!

Margaret Simon said...

In the Flow magazine that I splurged on with a gift card, there are instructions for embroidering socks. I have a shirt that I did in high school in the 70's that my daughters have used multiple times as a costume. I'd love for it to come back in style.

Retta said...

Such beautiful examples, especially the Dragon. And such patience to do this kind of work!

Carol Varsalona said...

Beautiful handwork - my grandmother was an amazing tatter. I would love to see her hands at work.