Monday, April 8, 2013

A Teen Favorite

If you're gonna break someone's heart,
Might as well, might as well be mine
~Hunter Hayes

For this Music Monday, a couple of songs by one of my daughters' favorite singers. I think Somebody's Heartbreak is #1 on the country charts right now so it's not exactly obscure, but those of you who don't listen to country might not have heard it. (And, yes, he's playing *all* the instruments in Storm Warning!)

Hunter Hayes's official site
More teen favorites


Linda at teacherdance said...

Now you've made me wonder if I should have watched the Country Music Awards last evening, Tabatha! It's good to be updated in the latest according to teens. I have little way of knowing lately. He's good, & I enjoyed seeing such talent!

Linda at teacherdance said...
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Irene Latham said...

Oh my stars, ALL THE INSTRUMENTS. My son is like that, though his tastes run away from country. :) Pretty amazing.