Saturday, October 29, 2011

Words Collection

Words are also actions, and actions are a kind of words.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Opposite of Indifference
Words Collection:

poems and art about poetry and books

A Blank White Page by Francisco X. Alarcón
A New Poet by Linda Pastan
Between what I dream and what I forget by Octavio Paz
Book Talk by Elaine Magliaro
Browning Decides to be a Poet by Jorge Luis Borges
Fair Warning by Alden Nowlan
For the young who want to by Marge Piercy
How These Words Happened by William Stafford
I would not have been a poet by Wendell Berry
Ode to a Paradelle By Cody Mace
pencil by Valerie Worth
Poetry Should Ride the Bus by Ruth Forman
There Is No Frigate Like A Book by Emily Dickinson
The Weight of Nothing by Amy Uyematsu
What is a Sonnet?
Where By Taha Muhammad Ali
Where The Poem Sleeps by Michael Simms


The beauty of letters
Book covers
Book-inspired art by Quint Buchholz
Caldecott awards
Movable books (pop-up art)
Poem art

Original poems:
Poetry City
Sea of Frozen Words

Poetry-Inspired clothes
Poetry t-shirts

Other Collections: Halloween, African-American, Drama, Food, Humor, and Animals.

A personal note: The Opposite of Indifference passed 100,000 pageviews yesterday. Small potatoes for big blogs, I know, but exciting for me!


Robyn Hood Black said...

A feast of links, Tabatha - thank you! And congrats on the milepost. Sounds like big potatoes to me - I think you should go have a celebratory baked potato with whatever fixins' you like best. ;0)

Tabatha said...

Thank you, Robyn! I'll have mine with everything :-)