Friday, July 30, 2010

Poetry, Politics, and Culture Around the World

Instead of a poem for this week's PF, here's a selection of international articles about poetry:

How I Used Poetry And Drama to Resolve Communal Conflict by Greg Mbajiorgu (All Africa: Nigeria)

Towards a culture for peace: poetry, drama and music in Somali society by Maxamed Daahir Afrax

In Yemen, Fighting Illiteracy Through Poetry
(National Geographic)

Silent Voices: The Role of Somali Women’s Poetry in Social and Political Life by Zainab Mohamed Jama (Oral Tradition)

An article about Chernobyl poet, Lyubov Sirota, by Adolph Kharash and Sirota's poems

Egyptian court frees poet who was given a three-year sentence for insulting the president (BBC)

In 2009,Turkey posthumously reclaimed their most famous poet, Nazim Hikmet Ran. During the Cold War, they stripped him of his citizenship for his political views and he died in exile.

Police brutality towards visiting poets at Woordfees, South Africa (2008)

A link to my own post about City of Asylum poet Huang Xiang.

The Time Has Come: Poetry and Drama Use in the Geography Class by Joseph A. Weber

An upcoming event: August 26th Benefit for Gulf Coast marine habitat featuring poets, artists, and musicians. Poetry Never Sleeps!

Edited to add:
Warwick Medical School in England had their first International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine this year and awarded an International Hippocrates Prize for poetry and medicine.



Here's a relevant quote from Robert Hass, "I think that the job of poetry, its political job, is to refresh the idea of justice, which is going dead in us all the time."

Let's hope that justice will prevail! --Diane

Linda said...

Thanks for the collection of articles!

Irene Latham said...

Wow - great roundup of poetic articles! Nice to know that poetry still makes the news. :)

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hi, Tabatha--nice to meet you in the flesh this week! Have you been researching your "last native woman" play idea?

Of course I made a beeline for The Time Has Come: Poetry and Drama in the Geography Class. A fresh and thrilling viewpoint! Thanks!

Author Amok said...

Hi, Tabatha. I'm looking forward to reading these. "Poetry and Drama Use in the Geography Class" was the one that caught my eye.