Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make Your Own Art Supplies

Today's focus is on ways to make your own art supplies. Maybe you don't need to make your own, but you might feel like coming up with a new color, or doing it on the cheap, or just feel like getting your hands dirty:

A couple from my blog --
~Make Your Own Pastels
~Two Gesso Recipes

Tony Johansen offers a long list of ways to make art supplies, including:
~Making Oil Paints
~Making Watercolors and Gouaches
~Making Acrylic Paints
~Making Egg Tempera has How To Make Art Charcoal

~Instructables' Do It Yourself Vinyl Wall Art

~Make Your Own Frames by Colette Theriault

~A pictorial about stretching a canvas

~Der Mad Stamper offers How To Carve Your Own Rubber Stamp

~Make Your Own Mask (Halloween-style) instructions

~Recipes for homemade art supplies for kids (like cinnamon clay and fingerpaints)

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Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hi, Tabatha--

I will be passing this inspiring set of links on to my big little Eastern 6th grader!

Thanks, and on that topic, I gather from the little exchange about magnet buses that you have (had?) a child at Eastern? Traveling all the way from where again? I would welcome any advice/tips/insights you have on the Eastern experience someday when you have a chance, and wouldn't it be fun to meet in person? Kids are in camp for the next three weeks--wanna have coffee or lunch someday?