Thursday, July 29, 2010


Don’t think I don’t know who’s been spreading gossip about me… After all the nice things I’ve said about that hag [Bette Davis]. When I get hold of her, I’ll tear out every hair of her moustache!
~Tallulah Bankhead

Moustache Sculpture
By Jenni Tieaho

An Open Mind
by MicahAilie

Relative Motion, A. Einstein (Starry Night, VanGogh)
by Sue Tower

Swamp Brim Jim
by berkleyillustration

By Alberto Cerriteño

Poster: Frank Zappa as the Mona Lisa

Cool book cover for Dali's Mustache: A Photographic Interview

And a photo of Salvador Dali himself:

For your entertainment:

* An instructional video about applying fake facial hair
* A printable mustache mask sheet
* Cartoon: Who keeps putting mustache wax on my grocery list?
* Guys with Extreme Mustaches
* Mustache Thievery by Sukumar Ray
* Cartoon: The Final Round of the Ultimate Moustache Tournament-- Who will win?

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M Pax said...

Interesting collection. REally liked the quote. LOL