Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bursting the denial bubble

Salt is the only product that changes cuisine. There's a big difference between food that has salt and food without it. If you don't believe that, ask people who can't eat salt.
~Ferran Adria

Thank you to Janice Scully for sharing this poem about changing her ways of thinking about food.


Salt makes everything taste good.
It’s in your blood
and every cell-
So, what the hell?

Is it worth giving up
Potato chips, shrimp and grits
and bacon bits?

I never thought it was.
But with age comes wisdom—

As well as swollen legs
and high blood pressure,

It won’t happen to me,
(that’s what everyone says.)

There’s nothing like fear
of apoplexy
or heart trouble
to change views about food,
burst the denial bubble.

Oatmeal with milk and maple syrup?
Salad with oil and vinegar?
Roast chicken with herbs?
Oranges? Bananas?

All quite delicious,
I feel so much better,
and you don’t have to be wealthy.
to eat foods that are healthy.

© Janice Scully 2020


For more information about salt and blood pressure, visit the American Heart Association.


Janice Scully said...

Thank you, Tabatha, for sharing this. So much of health has to do with what we eat!

Margaret Simon said...

Thanks, Janice, for bursting that bubble. I try to maintain low salt even though I'm not hypertensive. It just seems to be a better idea. Love that last couplet rhyme. Stay heathy and safe!

Ruth said...

Another one I missed at the time! Thanks for this, Janice!