Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hey, Suit Lady. I kind of feel bad calling you "Suit Lady," you know? I think I should probably give you a name...What about Karen?

Two Karens today! First, sharing poems Karen Edmisten sent me during the Summer Poem Swap. Thanks, Karen!

    We have never met
    yet our hearts know each other.
    Poetry Friday.

photo by Antti T. Nissinen

    Friends, like good coffee,
    revive me when the world has
    worn me down again.


One last poem from another Karen:

A Word Like Rat
by Karen Harryman

My Aunt Sandra—a large woman,
a holy woman, maybe you can see her—

quilted housecoat, just-washed auburn hair
past her waist when she tips her head, heavy

to the side, and pulls wet strands over one shoulder,
both hands working to brush and smooth.

read the rest here


The Poem Farm has the Poetry Friday round-up. Thanks, Amy!


Sally Murphy said...

Oh wow Tabatha - you got me! That rat (and that spoon!) I just didn't see coming. What a perfect, powerful poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Linda Mitchell said...

Oh, Tabatha....that poem....that rat....the journey of the poem and the ending. Oh, my goodness. At risk of parroting Sally's words above, that poem is so, so, so good and meddling. It knows me in ways that are a little uncomfortable and yet, OK. You always find the best poems. Thank you for sharing that one. It's really amazing.

Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

Good to have friends to help keep us going! And I loved the rat poem! Thanks for sharing it.

Linda B said...

Love Karen's line that friends help keep us going when worn down, and that rat poem, wow, the connections: "One/you can burn to cleanse the room of your heart."

jama said...

The rat poem took me by surprise too -- wow, such a release of pent-up emotions. Thanks for also sharing Karen E's poems (love the moomin coffee cups!).

Robyn Hood Black said...

First, "our" Karen's poetic gifts are a beautiful tribute to PF connections! Thanks to both of you for those.
Second, yep - re. Karen Harryman's poem - wow. Didn't see it coming either, and it made a beeline into my veins.

Diane Mayr said...

Both poems have coffee in them--it's so nice sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, isn't it?

I had an artificial rat in my very young days when my hair was long, but never thick enough to make a bun on its own. I hadn't thought of it in years!

Michelle Kogan said...

Well I have to say wow, about that rat poem and chuckle too–she packs a lot in. Quite a contrast to Karen E's poems which slipped out so simply and beautifully. I like the rat mugs too, thanks Tabatha.

Unknown said...

We have Moomin mugs, too!! My husband buys them in Japan and brings them home. We have so many, we had to clear out a moomin-mug cabinet for them. :-) Great poetry, too. I wore the Kintsugi pin today to a Picture Book Master Class, and it made me smile all day. :-)

Kay said...

Both Karens share powerful poems--a tribute the toe poetry connections we share, and that rat and spoon. Oh my.

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Oh, I LOVE that description of the PF community— We have never met/yet our hearts know each other. So true!

Rebecca Herzog said...

Two poems with coffee in them. I love the community that Karen #1 describes. And I read Karen #2’s poem twice—so so good! Thank you for sharing.

Amy LV said...

I, too, feel that way about Poetry Friday...and you. And that rat! I am enchanted by this aunt and the mystery and majesty here. Thank you. x

Karen Edmisten said...

Tabatha, I was out of town last week and fell behind on my Poetry Friday posts. How fun that you shared what I sent you, and thank you again for creating the Summer Poem Swap! It was delightful.

I just recently read that poem by Karen Harryman, too! (I think I was looking into that contest? I can't remember what led me to it, but I almost posted it recently, too. Our hearts really do know each other.) :) It's a powerful piece -- I'm so glad you shared it!