Thursday, September 27, 2018

Pietra dura

The ruby encloses the brilliant red of the clouds of evening.
~Charles Blanc

Pietra dura is an inlay technique using cut and fitted colored stones (often marble, semi-precious, and even precious stones) to make pictures. It was invented in Italy in the 1500s -- "pietra dura" literally means "hard stones."

Table with a parrot on a pear tree, Italy, 1700s

Prague Pietra dura picture with Saint Charles Borromeo

Roses over crossed canes, Florence 1882

Tomb of Jahangir, Pakistan

Saint Catharine of Siena Church, Ohio
photo by Nheyob

A contemporary marble table top, India, employing floral patterns of the Taj Mahal
photo by MyotisSI

1 comment:

Pop said...

Fantastic art form and these are excellent examples. Thought that the "wheat" design looked quite Art Deco.

But the Roses over crossed canes is in a league all by itself. It is a wonder!