Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Existence as love story

As much as I adore dogs, people are my favorite species. I know, what an aggravating, messed-up bunch. But still, my favorite, which is why this shirt from TourDeBookshop caught my eye:

I also like this one:

Some aphorisms by Yahia Lababidi from Where Epics Fail for Wellness Wednesday:

Don’t squander your boredom; dig deeper, treasures are buried there.

Silence is the great jeweler of words—certifying their authenticity and assessing their true worth.

The only real borders are those of our compassion.

You can’t bury pain and not expect it to grow roots.

As we make peace with ourselves, we become more tolerant of our faults—in others.

Think of existence as a great love story; every shy creature or timid truth wants to be courted.

Life is a time-release capsule, granting us only glimpses of ourselves at a time.

photo by Frank Carman

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Pop said...

Great t-shirts and wonderful aphorisms...especially liked the time-release capsule one.