Monday, April 3, 2017

This Mess Won't Make Itself

[Dead Seem Old] recorded the debut single ‘They Won’t Find Us’ ... with the agreement that if any sound in the song didn’t sound like either Grimm Fairytales or 60′s surf, it wouldn’t go in the song.

For Music Monday, we have a catchy song with a great title and terrific visuals. It makes me think of Halloween...there's a layer of spookiness.

This Mess Won't Make Itself


Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hey, Tabatha--getting ready to listen to this as soon as I'm done with Mary Lee's/Malvina's "God Bless the Grass"--which made me remember your thought to collect lyrics which are poems. Perhaps you decided not to throw yourself into a NPM project?
(I'm reconsidering my decision TO do so on Day 3 already.) Anyway, I think "God Bless the Grass" definitely qualifies...I had never heard it before today.

Tabatha said...

Hi Heidi! I got bogged down by the lyrics idea because I don't know enough songs, or maybe because I wanted to put them in different categories (clever wordplay, political songs, funny ones, love songs), or maybe because once I took away the music, the lyrics didn't seem as poetic (which brings me back to point one, that I don't know enough songs). Ariana would have no problem with that idea. I should probably do it anyway. Maybe I will for May. I just need to push myself.
Thinking about doing forms on Fridays in April. You'll know this Friday if I actually do it :-)

Tabatha said...

I mean, Ariana would have no problem making lists of poetic lyrics! She gave me some song ideas already. I should probably let her do the whole thing. Maybe she can guest blog.

HWY said...

A "thicK" layer of spookiness I would say!

I like the title (though I wish they'd referred to it more in the song).