Saturday, April 22, 2017


I like the scientific spirit—the holding off, the being sure but not too sure, the willingness to surrender ideas when the evidence is against them.
~Walt Whitman

If you know how much I love nature and how much I love NASA, it won't surprise you at all that I celebrated Earth Day by attending a March for Science.

Loved seeing all the cool people with their cool signs (showing up, even in the rain!):

Hearing Bill Nye, Judith Hill, and Maya Lin was a treat. Also, Mr. Dolby!


Linda B said...

I couldn't go because I worked at the bookstore, but a couple of people stopped by after our march, said it was great. Love the pictures!

jan godown annino said...

Images from this historic world-wide march are my joy to see.
But yours are something spectacular. The great posters & dinos.
And Science Guy, Bill Nye!
Appreciations for sharing this science celebration.

Diane Mayr said...

Not just signs, but characters! Despite the weather it looks like your march was a success, too!