Thursday, April 13, 2017

Electronic Art

There are 10 types of people in this world.
One who knows binary and one who doesn't.

My husband and I have birthdays a month apart (March and April). I requested a garden theme (my usual), and for his, Ben chose electronics. We used black and grey decorations and had little vacuum tubes on the table, among other things. Nontraditional, but why not? That's what got me thinking about spotlighting electronic art today. I wonder if I appreciate their aesthetics more because I don't know what they do. For some people, knowing what they are used for could make them seem more beautiful.

photo by David Lenker

Digital DNA, City of Palo Alto
photo by Wonderlane

Electric Perspective
photo by Tau Zero

DSC_8345-Hot Monitoring
photo by Dieter R

Computer Motherboard Tracks
photo by Creativity103

photo by Andrew Cavell

Circuit Board Bonsai 1
by Laura C. Hewitt

Bonus song!


HWY said... hit two of my interests today, Tabatha. I'm interested in art and electronics (the computer part especially). The art you included is beautiful...I thought Electric Perspective and DSC_8345-Hot Monitoring were exceptional.

The video was fascinating. Really glad she included the small window where we could see her "footwork" and thus how she produced such an "electric feel." Good song too!

Ben said...

The plant growing out of the PCB is creepy!