Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stay colorful

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.
~Earl Nightingale

I was moved by this video, which made me think of my friend Amy Ludwig Vanderwater and her feelings about supporting kids:


HWY said...

Definitely a very moving video. As the video shows, supporting kids also supports US. Gotta fight the grind...wherever you find it!

Amy LV said...

Tabatha. You and I need to get together. I saw your e-mail and did not get to your post quickly enough as I was in schools and had sick children. Then, before getting back to e-mail I went on Twitter and saw this video and wept and fell in love. Then, I am visiting you today and read your kind words. I am wanting to hug you right now. Really hard. That is such a beautiful video, and it is an honor for me that it reminded you of me. We need to help children stay yellow...and we must stay blue ourselves. xxxxoooo