Friday, November 18, 2011


Poetry Friday is here!

A poem to get today's round-up started:

A Beanstalk for Eva

by Tabatha Yeatts

Jack's little sister Eva
wanted her own magic beans --
green, speckled with brown,
nothing special, not hopping or anything --
just the sort that would boom roots
into the soil, just enough
to hold a house for a giant,
deep enough to bear the sky.

Treasure, for Eva,
didn't involve castles,
or geese that laid golden eggs
every time they sneezed.
The gems she longed for
were a wind no one had ever felt before,
a day that blossomed with surprises.

As she carried water (her own chore),
and fed the pigs (lazy Jack's chore),
Eva pictured herself having an adventure:

her feet pushing off giant stems
as she climbed up to the clouds.
What would she find there?
She relished not knowing.

As she scuffed along the dusty path to town,
on her way at last to find those beans,
Eva considered how amazing it was
that you could tuck something
inside the earth
for the express purpose
of taking you away from it.


Please leave your links in the comments!

For openers, Jone gives us a review of Spinster Goose.

Gregory K is making me a little nervous this morning with his "An Ode to Air Travel." Safe journey, Greg!

Laura shares some great photos (love that hat!) and Terrance Hayes' gentle love poem, "Clarinet," in honor of her middle school daughter, a devoted clarinetist.

Tara offers two cinquains by their inventor, Adelaide Crapsey.

Ruth brings a history lesson for us today and a Wordsworth poem about Haitian hero Toussaint L'Ouverture.

For your Mary Oliver fix, visit Maria, who has Why I Wake Early.

I am impressed that Heidi is doing MyPoPerDayMo. She shares #17: "scaled."

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Kids of the Homefront Army explains what parades are for.

Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet has May Sarton's "Luxury" and Kurious K's Kwotes has a May Sarton quote.

The Write Sisters looks at "November" by W.D. Howells.

Hope is the Word writes about "Goody O'Grumpity" by Carol Ryrie Brink.

November seems to be on our minds today... TeacherDance contributes poets' thoughts on November.

Robyn shares flat tire stories and poetry by Tess Taylor.

Mandy is thinking about one of the most important parts of writing today: revisions.

Marjorie has me sold on Anything But A Grabooberry.

Over at Musings, Joyce Ray posted a treasured Thanksgiving poem written by her daughter.

I like keeping up with poetry news through Poetry Advocates for Children and Young Adults posts. Stephen Withrow encourages everyone to join and take part!

Liz in Ink shares Maria Hummel's "Station" with us today.

Karen Edmisten has Books by Billy Collins.

Teaching Authors gives us new poetic forms to try.

Go to Gathering Books for Joel Toledo’s Other ‘Heart.’ (Sounds mysterious, doesn't it?)

Janet Squires visits our own Heidi M.'s "Pumpkin Butterfly: poems from the other side of nature" today.

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Dave is back on the Poetry Friday horse with a sort of ode to the long-play record.

Jeannine posted about poetry exercises involving shuffling and contrasts.

At On Point, Lorie Ann shares a Jack Frost haiku to make you smile.

ReaderTotz recommends Over and Under the Snow.

Enjoy giving thanks with Amy LV.

Donna has me feeling all illowy with her original poem.

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Magic 8-Ball says "Yes," you should go to Adrienne's site for an Adrienne Rich poem.

Poetry Friday wouldn't be the same without Mary Lee, who cruises in with Emily Dickinson.


jone said...

Here is a review of Spinster Goose: Thank you for hosting.

Greg Pincus said...

Love the poem, Tabatha! Thanks for posting and hosting, both.

I'm up with a re-issue today:

An Ode to Air Travel

Hoping my own flight today isn't a flashback!

Author Amok said...

Wow, Tabatha. I love those last two lines. This is one creative escape plan!

I am sharing Terrance Hayes' gentle love poem, "Clarinet," in honor of my middle school daughter, a devoted clarinetist. It got me thinking about kids and their instruments of choice.

Tara said...

I am so happy that little Eva has a story all her own...and that shes intrepid enough to know that:
"you could tuck something
inside the earth
for the express purpose
of taking you away from it."

Thanks for hosting today! My contribution are two cinquains by the poet I just discovered had invented the form:Adelaide Crapsey.

Ruth said...

Thanks for hosting! I love your poem and your heroine!

I've posted a Wordsworth poem today about a Haitian hero. Here's the post.

maria horvath said...

Thank you for hosting, Tabatha.

Great poem! It's about time that Jack's little sister Eva got to tell her side of the story.

Over at my blog, Mary Oliver explains why she is so eager to wake early.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Hi, Tabatha--

I love reading something by YOU at your blog, and having written a collection of fairy tale poems from the point of view of the objects, I like reading from the POV of a sibling. I agree with others about the final lines: genius (both you and Eva).

I'm posting from the NCTE convention in Chicago--my first trip here!--with an original poem from my visit to Millenium Park yesterday, "scaled".

Thanks for hosting!

Diane Mayr said...

It's great that Eva has a story, too, and that you told it. Thanks, it made me smile.

Here's my own personal round-up:
At Random Noodling I look at piggy poetry.

And WW II continues with "About Parades" at Kids of the Homefront Army.

Kurious Kitty has a poem by May Sarton, "Luxury." And, Kurious K's Kwotes' P.F. quote is by Sarton, too.

At The Write Sisters we have "November" by W.D. Howells.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I wrote about Goody O'Grumpity by Carol Ryrie Brink today:

Thanks for hosting!

Linda B said...

I enjoyed your poem, and hope everyone has a day that 'blossoms with surprises'. My contribution today touches on poets' different looks at the same thing-November.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Tabatha, thanks for hosting! Love, love, love your poem - "... a wind no one had ever felt before" - ahhhh. I'm in with a story of flat tires and a beautiful, haunting poem by Tess Taylor:

Anonymous said...

Good morning, and thanks for hosting this week!

Today I am sharing a revised version of a poem from a few weeks ago, along with a quick blurb about how important revising and editing are in the writing process. Enjoy:


Marjorie said...

I hadn't even thought of Jack having a sister - I love your poem!

I'm in this week with a look at Anything But A Grabooberry - a great nonsense poem that's also a design treat -

Thank you for hosting

Joyce Ray said...

Thanks for hosting, Tabatha. I love Eva and her poem, especially
"The gems she longed for
were a wind no one had ever felt before,
a day that blossomed with surprises."
Over at Musings
I posted a treasured Thanksgiving poem written by my daughter.

Steven Withrow said...

I'm continuing to plug Poetry Advocates for Children & Young Adults:

We have nearly 800 members worldwide and are quickly becoming the source for children's poetry news and resources. We encourage you all to join and take part.

Steven Withrow
PACYA Founder

I'm Jet . . . said...

Wow! I really really love your poem, Tabatha.

Thanks for hosting today, and keep up the good work!


Liz in Ink said...

Love your poem!!
And thanks for hosting...

Here's mine today:

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks so much for hosting!

I'm in this week with Billy Collins -- it's here.

Carmela Martino said...

There's so much I love about your poem, Tabatha, especially these lines:
>>The gems she longed for
were a wind no one had ever felt before,
a day that blossomed with surprises.<<
and the ending. Thanks so much for hosting today. I don't know if my co-blogger JoAnn Early Macken has shared her link yet, but she has a great post today that includes a lovely thank-you Lanturne to kick-off our celebration of Ten Days of Thanks-Giving.

GatheringBooks said...

Hi Tabatha! Thanks for hosting today. We share Joel Toledo's "Heart" this week at GatheringBooks - a different one from the "Heart" we shared a week ago. :)
Here's the link:

Like Carmela above, I also liked the lines
"The gems she longed for
were a wind no one had ever felt before"
- so elusive, that wind. so precious.

Janet S. said...

Thanks for hosting.
My selection is "Pumpkin Butterfly: poems from the other side of nature" written by Heidi Mordhorst and illustrated by Jenny Reynish.

Irene Latham said...

Tabatha, I love your poem so much! SO CREATIVE. Wonderful!!

I'm in with some Russian poetry by poet I've just discovered Anna Akhmatova. I'm in love.

Thanks so much for hosting!

JoAnn Early Macken said...

I love the beanstalk poem! I've posted 3 original poems on the theme of gratitude at
Please join us in celebrating Ten Days of Thanks-Giving from November 20-30.

david elzey said...

missed a couple weeks, trying to get back on the horse today with a sort of ode to that old piece of technology, the long-play record

thanks for hosting, and pass along thanks to bulwinkle as well.

Donna Smith said...

I love different points of view writing. Loved many lines in your poem.
I wrote this poem about "illows" a couple of days ago. It was a Wednesday, but I'm counting it for a Friday.

Jeannine Atkins said...

Tabatha, I love so much what you did with earth, beanstalks and treasure. I'm coming back for a closer look.

And I posted about poetry exercises involving shuffling and contrasts at:


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I love your "Beanstalk for Eva!" Boom roots is perfect.

At On Point:
Jack Frost
and at readertotz:
Over and Under the Snow

Thank you!

Amy L V said...

I love that you gave Jack such a thoughtful sister...with dreams of her own! Would love to read more about her...

Today at The Poem Farm, I have a little list poem about Thanksgiving. Thank you for hosting! A.

tanita✿davis said...

I'm in, with a newly discovered poem from a youthful C.S. Lewis, as well as my Thanksgiving Advent calendar stuff (which you can skip).

In case Adrienne didn't post it, she's posted a poem by Adrienne Rich.

Thank you for hosting.

Donna Smith said...

I love different points of view writing. Loved many lines in your poem.
I wrote this poem about "illows" a couple of days ago. It was a Wednesday, but I'm counting it for a Friday.
Sorry! Forgot to link last time!

madelyn said...

I love the line "deep enough to bear the sky."

Mary Lee said...

I'm late but I'm here!

Greetings from Chicago and NCTE! I about fell off my couch when I saw that Heidi had used virtually an identical image for her post this week!