Thursday, November 3, 2011


If the perfume is an art, the object, which contains it, must be a masterpiece, the masterpiece of a craftsman.
~ Robert Ricci

Jean Paul Gaultier butterfly lady perfume bottle

Ambre de Delhi
a perfume bottle for Babani, circa 1920

Peacock Perfum Bottle
by Robert Held of Vancouver, Canada

Flower Cane Perfum Bottle
by Robert Held

Perfume burner in the shape of a lion
Khurasan (Iran), 11th–12th century, the Louvre

Metal perfume bottle with flower design
The Tropenmuseum

Art Nouveau Perfume Labels

The cover of Perfume Bottles Auction is always amazing:


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HWY said...

Gorgeous pieces of blown glass, though just saying "blown glass" doesn't really do them justice.

The "container" shown on the cover of the auction book is fantastic. No wonder people collect them.