Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Freebies, Part Two

Have you ever tried your hand at making gifts? This year, my family is making each other presents (although we're still giving purchased stuff as well). I'm excited about it. I hope I can keep my excitement through the whole process!

Cathe Holden's Just Something I Made freebies page has tons of printable digital images that you can use for gifts or art projects. For instance, she mentions using this stamp sheet as a cigar box doll bed quilt! Very creative. The stamps also reminded me of the bowl in this post.


* My first Freebies post has art that you could frame as a gift or use to make a journal cover, among other things.
* Instructables, Craft, and One Pretty Thing have lots of handmade gift suggestions.
* While I'm at it, here's a post about 10 ways to decorate with sheet music, which includes links to printable vintage sheet music. (Some of the decorations would make nice gifts.)
* A post about gift-giving from last year
* Making your own address labels, which could also be a gift

Updated on Nov. 11 to add: The Owl Barn lets you make your own customized owl calendars. Love!

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