Thursday, November 17, 2011

Calligraphy and a Calligram

We all start out with the same alphabet.
~Robert Cormier

Initial Letter S
East: Notes of Travel in Southern Europe (1877)
From Old Books

Letter T
Old English Country Cottages (1906)
From Old Books

Initial letter “t” as flower in a pot
Magazine of Art Illustrated (1878)
From Old Books

Decorated (Historiated) initial letter D
by Valerio Spada, Italian Etchers of the Renaissance & Baroque (1989)
From Old Books

Decorative initial letter “M” – Roman military standard
South by East: Notes of Travel in Southern Europe (1877)
From Old Books

The letter I
From Old Books

by Guillaume Apollinaire

A bonus:


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Highway said...

Wonderful calligraphy...especially liked the "I". And I tried (I really did) to make out the "T" as a flower in a pot but alas...

Retta said...

The link to the family tree and evolution of alphabets was fascinating. I didn't know they were so connected that way. Thanks!

Author Amok said...

Beautiful. I love the books and the portrait. Can't wait to "reveal" my PF post -- you are featured in it (well, our conversation about kids and music gets a big mention). Sending love!

Marjorie said...

I love initial letters too - thank you for sharing these, all new to me. I love the I, with its snug biikcase; and the window casement...