Friday, May 20, 2011

Poetry/Song Match-ups

The idea I played with today is from Traci's 35th List of Ten: Ten National Poetry Month Activities:
[MATCHING SONG] Find a song that pairs well with a poem we've read. The song and the poem may share the same theme, similar symbols, or a related series of events. Write a comparison paper that explores the two pieces and explains why they are a good match. What things are similar in the two pieces? What things were left out? How closely matched are the theme, symbols, and/or events? How similar are the things that are described and the emotions that are expressed? (Be sure to turn in a copy of the song lyrics with your paper.)
I made a bunch of poetry/song match-ups. It felt like I was playing poetry tag, in a way:

Who Understands Me But Me By Jimmy Santiago Baca
with Hate on Me by Jill Scott

Only In Sleep by Sara Teasdale
with I Wish by Stevie Wonder

Have You Forgotten by Christina Rossetti
with When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole

Buckwheat's Lament by Cornelius Eady
with The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby

Miss Blues' Child By Langston Hughes
with Get Up by Amel Larrieux

The Time I've Lost in Wooing by Thomas Moore
with Clumsy by Fergie

Rain by Raymond Carver
with Singing in the Rain, lyrics by Arthur Freed, music by Nacio Herb Brown

What about you? Got any match-ups?

Today's Poetry Friday round-up is at The Drift Record.


Heidi Mordhorst said...

Oh cor blimey, Tabatha--it's going to take me days just to enjoy your matchups, and you're challenging me to come up with my own?

I take that challenge, along with an unlimited (it's not a good sign that I can't think of the legal term I'm looking for here) oh! statute of limitations....

You're a very widely read and listened individual. We must hang out more!

My word verif is "hante", which is very close to *honte* "shame" on me in French and haunt, which is what this idea will be doing to me for the next weeks!

Mary Lee said...

I had to put Gene Kelly in my YouTube favorites so that I could have an attitude adjustment ready when it starts raining again tomorrow for ANOTHER WEEK STRAIGHT! (ARGHHH)

Fabulous pairings. I agree with Heidi that you are both widely read and listened. Plus you know great art. You probably can bake flawless French pastries, too. And speak 5 languages. (Don't correct me if I'm wrong, just enjoy the pedestal!!)

Tabatha said...

OK, Mary Lee, I won't burst your bubble! Does Pig Latin count as a language?

Heidi, I'm ready to hang out!