Thursday, April 7, 2011

Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Goncharova, who was born in Russia in 1881 and died in Paris in 1962, painted in varying styles, as you can see below. In addition to painting, she also illustrated books and designed theatre costumes and sets. Goncharova and her companion (later husband) Mikhail Larionov created a style of abstract art called Rayonism. Although they died in poverty, her paintings have sold for more than any other female artist.

Peasants Dancing

Goncharova & Larinov

The Cyclist

From Gardeners over the vines:
text by Sergei Bobrov, illustrations by Natalia Goncharova, 1913


Maquillage (Make-up)

Costume design for La Nuit sur le Mont Chauve
by Natalia Goncharova

* A bio of Goncharova
* A NY Sun article: Who Was Natalia Goncharova?
* Goncharova's great-aunt, Natalia Pushkina (who was married to the poet Alexander Pushkin).
* Another Pushkina bio


Toby Speed said...

Those paintings draw me in deeply, even the abstracts. Died in poverty, sad but not unusual, is it. Thanks, Tabatha.

Veer Left said...

Fantastic work! Hadn't heard of Goncharova (and that her work was going for so much), but she did wonderful art.

(And I wouldn't mind having "Cats" on my wall...for more than one reason. ;-)