Saturday, April 23, 2011

Book List

A while back I saw (via Amazon) that there are a number of books which cite works of mine. I kept a little list for my own reference and I'll share it here:

Ones that mention The Holocaust Survivors
Best Books for Young Teen Readers: Grades 7-10 (Best Books for Young Teen Readers) by John T. Gillespie

Reading Stories for Comprehension Success: Senior High Level, Reading Levels 10-12 by Katherine L. Hall

Global Discovery Activities: For the Elementary Grades by Elizabeth Crosby Stull
Ones that mention Forensics: Solving the Crime
Encyclopedia of the End: Mysterious Death in Fact, Fancy, Folklore, and More by Deborah Noyes

Boys and Literacy: Practical Strategies for Librarians, Teachers, and Parents by Elizabeth Knowles and Martha Smith

Lastly, my Einstein: The Miracle Mind was reviewed by a 9-year-old blogger. I got a kick out of that.

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