Thursday, May 6, 2021


No quote today.

Have I ever mentioned how bad my eyesight is without glasses? I don't think so. Well, as I type this, I can't see what I'm typing at all. I think I'm typing the right thing. Fingers crossed! Anyway, my glasses lost a screw this morning so I am not wearing them because I don't want that lens to fall out. They are, in fact, incredibly old. (I got some new ones a couple of years ago, but the prescription seemed off so I preferred my old ones. If I could find them, I still wouldn't be able to see, unfortunately. Time to get some new new ones)

I heard the raven fish crow calling a few minutes ago but I am going to pretend I'm not up because I dont' want her to start asking for her breakfast this early. When she gets insistent, she can be very loud.

Back when I could see, I watched some interesting videos by a young Norwegian maker with a channel called "Nerdforge." She has such patience and precision!

Addendum: I can see again! Thank you, Ben. (New glasses are on my to-do list.)

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Pop said...

I am SO impressed with this young woman. She is very, very talented and her stuff was very cool.

(And great job, Ben...Tab can see again. :-)