Thursday, February 25, 2021


Iridescence: a lustrous rainbowlike play of color caused by differential refraction of light waves... that tends to change as the angle of view changes.

For Art Thursday, iridescence:

Labradorite, origin Madagascar
photo by Stowarzyszenie Spirifer

by Echoroo

Live dorsal view of Peinaleopolynoe orphanae sp. nov. holotype SIO-BIC A6151
Hatch AS, Liew H, Hourdez S, Rouse GW (2020)

photo by bradhoc

Carabus auratus with prey in Northern Germany
photo by Soebe

Detail from one of the Peacock Gates into the Glasform Works/Studio of John Ditchfield
photo by Tony Hisgett

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Pop said...

I think that iridescence is optical magic...almost mesmerizing. Bubbles are wonderful examples...though fleeting they may be.