Wednesday, May 8, 2019

To Do

The project may be the lion, but the list is your whip.
~Adam Savage

Talking about a subject dear to my heart this week for Wellness Wednesday: the to-do list. I am a huge fan. (Personal quirk: I tend to send myself emails, reminding myself about what I should be doing, and then I compile them into a list. I generally sort messages from other people quickly, so I wind up having a bunch of messages from myself in my primary in-box.) My to-do list keeps me from forgetting things, and it's so satisfying to draw a line through a completed task. Want to make a list AFTER you've done something, just so you can have the pleasure of crossing those things off? Have at it! Enjoy your to-do list, I say.

Belle Beth Cooper wrote a useful article about having success with your to-do lists which includes this graphic:

I have seen people of all ages get overwhelmed by big tasks and put off starting them -- the point Cooper makes about breaking big jobs down into smaller tasks for your list is an important one. It really helps make the big stuff more manageable. Baby steps!

I keep my lists very basic. Maybe you would like print some fancier ones?

* A to-do list with priorities and loves, among other things
* This one has two to a page
* A selection of printable to-do lists

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HWY said...

I love to-do lists, too. There's some so satisfying about marking off a task. (And I must admit that I have indeed added a task to my list after it's done just so I can mark it off. ;-)

Those Top Tips are very important!