Thursday, June 21, 2018

Maria Yakunchikova

Yakunchikova is not only a great poet but also a great master. In Russia she is still insufficiently appreciated, and yet there are few contemporary artists - not only here, but also in the West - who wield such a fresh, noble palette, with such broad and vigorous skill.
~Alexandre Benois, 1901

Art today by Maria Vasilievna Yakunchikova-Weber, who only lived from 1870-1902. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis in the late 1880s, but she was able to carry on until after the birth of her second son in April 1901, from which she never recovered.

Reflection of an intimate world
by Maria Yakunchikova

View from the Belfry of the Savino-Storoshevsky Cathedral, close to Svenigorod
by Maria Yakunchikova

Stairs to the street
by Maria Yakunchikova

The Terrace
by Maria Yakunchikova - 1899

City view
by Maria Yakunchikova

Sleigh and village in winter
by Maria Yakunchikova

Tea time
by Maria Yakunchikova

Fear 1893-95
Maria Yakunchikova


HWY said...

Fascinating style(s) she has.

Sleigh and village in winter is a very interesting piece with the juxtaposition of winter browns with the startling "window" of a bright winter scene.

And Fear is in a league of its own.

jan godown annino said...

I feel as if I've just come away from an invigorating gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tabatha. I appreciate your teaching me a bit about an inspiring artist new to me. I expect to return again to drink in her colors, swirls, impressions, ideas.