Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thor and Loki

“Is there anything more beautiful than gold?” - Freya's question.

Plain-thoughted Thor spoke. “A farm at first light
Is more beautiful than gold, or
A ship's sails in the mist.
Many ordinary things are far more beautiful.”
~George Webbe Dasent

In honor of Avengers: Infinity War, here's Thor and Loki art for Art Thursday.

Ah, what a lovely maid it is! (1902): Thor is unhappily dressed by the goddess Freyja and her attendants as herself
by Elmer Boyd Smith

Thor's Fight with the Giants (1872)
by Mårten Eskil Winge

The Prose Edda recounts that Sif once had her hair shorn by Loki, and that Thor forced Loki to have a golden headpiece made for Sif, resulting in not only Sif's golden tresses but also five other objects for other gods (including Thor's hammer).

Sif (Thor's wife) sleeps while Loki lurks behind (1894)
by A. Chase, Legends of Norseland

Why was Loki bound, left to have a snake drip venom onto his face? The other gods had had enough of his trouble-making! Loki's wife sat next to him with a bowl to catch the venom, only leaving to empty it.

"Held a cup to catch the venomous drops" : Sigyn and Loki
by Arthur Rackham

Sigyn and Loki
By Karl Gebhardt, 1892

Just including this one because she reminded me of Snow White.

Freya and the Dwarves
Illustration by Harry George Theaker, 1920

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Pop said...

Wonderful art (especially that stamp!)...and interesting information about Loki and the venom (didn't know that).

And today's Art Thursday posting is very appropriate since we get Thursday from Thor's Day. (Also, tomorrow is Freya's Day. :-)