Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bad Advice Wednesday

Don't overreact. For example, if someone inadvertently embarrasses you in public, don't let anger get the best of you. It really isn't necessary to frame the person for a murder he/she didn't commit. Wouldn't it be enough to simply break up his or her marriage instead?
~Anthony Rubino Jr.

Usually for Wellness Wednesday, we consult good advice. Today, we're having Bad Advice Wednesday.

Advice for How to Make Friends as an Adult:
Have an epic quest with someone. Psychology tells us that the stress of a traumatic event bonds people, which makes total sense. Remember how, at the end of “The Goonies,” they were even better chums than before? Get into a “Goonies”-type adventure with some people, if you can swing it. When you hear of someone planning on tinkering with something she bought at a mysterious shop in a back alley, nab an invite. If you both survive, you’ll be tight as all get-out.

(Actually, I am totally on board with tinkering with something bought at a mysterious shop, so if you have one of those, hit me up.)

Kellen Erskine with Bad Grocery Store Advice:

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Some good advice about bad advice:

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HWY said...

Wellness Wednesday made me laugh out loud...and I feel better. :-)

BenL said...

I'm with you with the blinkers advise.

BenL said...

I mean advice.