Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reading by Candlelight with The Magpie

“A painter is someone who wipes the windowpane between the world and us with light, with a rag made of light, soaked in silence.”
― Christian Bobin

Light and dark (and light in the dark) today for Art Thursday.

The Magpie
by Claude Monet

Reading by Candlelight
attributed to Petrus van Schendel


Anonymous said...

Just a touch of dark with the magpie...makes the painting whole.

And just a touch of light with the candlelight (and a hint of the fireplace) makes this painting very memorable. I have read by candlelight when the electricity has gone out before and I know how it feels (and think to myself: you really *have* to read don't you?).

Retta said...

I enjoy Claude Monet, but have never seen this one. I love it! Thank you so much.