Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Going to the Center

The labyrinth offers us the possibility of being real creatures in symbolic space.
~Rebecca Solnit

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

True confession: I forgot about my blog until this morning. When I remembered, I wondered whether I should just skip Wellness Wednesday, but then I thought about how much I like our New Year's tradition of visiting a labyrinth (in between reading the "good things" jar and hearing the top song of the year).

I didn't make this image

Walking the labyrinth is something we all enjoy. I'm not sure how the rest of my family thinks about it, but I consider it a chance to find out what I'm thinking. Other people may be meditative while they are walking and just let their thoughts go. Do what you like.

Here is a site with virtual labyrinths you can "walk" around (and a poem from a previous post).

One last quote:

There is no need to build a labyrinth when the entire universe is one.
~Jorge Luis Borges


Keri said...

Walking a labyrinth in San Francisco is one of my most memorable travel experiences. I would love to build one on our property one day! (Mark would want it to be made of trees, I fear!)

Pop said...

At the end of every year, our family makes a recording in which we mention all the things we did/that happened to us during the preceding year. It is a good tradition...and an important one. First it's good to recall a year's worth of happenings and, second, it's good to realize that we made it through the bad stuff, too. :-)