Monday, January 8, 2018

Forty nights to sit and listen

If you love life, then you love the hurt come along wit' it. Now, if that ain't the blues, I don't know what is.
~Walter Mosley

I'm trying to get stuff done, but instead I just keep getting side-tracked with music. So...time for Music Monday!

As long as we're having Violence Day for Music Monday, here's Gunpowder and Lead (although this one is self-defense):

The Steeldrivers
Chris Stapleton
Miranda Lambert
Organizations working to stop domestic violence

1 comment:

Pop said...

Definitely some gun play in these songs, Tabatha, but all really good tunes.

Love Chris Stapelton (and the Steeldrivers). Really don't have to be told he's doing the singing...his voice is *so* distinctive.

Adele did a really nice job with "If It Hadn't Been for Love" but Chris really made me feel it!

Miranda Lambert's song was very strong, too...and a really nice rock touch by the backup band.