Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The right word at the right time will unlock the door to treasures.
~Rasheed Ogunlaru

Today's hand lettering was inspired by motivational speaker Angela M. Davis:
"You've got to be willing to look at the people in your life and speak to the gift (you see inside them). Life and death is in the power of the tongue. You have the ability to unlock somebody's greatness by your words of encouragement and affirmation. Not only to the people in your life, but to yourself. You are who YOU say you are and you are who YOU think you are. And who is it that you say you are? You have to be very mindful of that conversation that you have with yourself."

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Irene Latham said...

A few years back I did some work on on listening to my own self-talk. I was shocked at the number of unkind messages I was sending myself! I wouldn't say those things to ANYONE, yet I was saying them to ME. This awareness changed my life. I nurture myself much better now. Thank you, Tab! xo