Thursday, May 18, 2017

Itty Bitty redux

The Spoonsize Boys steal the dollhouse toys while the cat by the fire is curled. Then away they floats in their eggshell boats, down the drains to their underground world.
~Tim Powers

Another Art Thursday repost today. This is from August 2013. I am a fan of wee scenes and am hoping to put together a miniature garden. Last fall, I bought one piece, which was joined by a couple others, and now I need to find a suitable location for them (so I can add a lot more!)

Darth Vader's dollhouse? Check. Dollhouse's dollhouse? Check. Miniature-food genius? Check. You may proceed.

Dollhouse for a dollhouse
photo by Bellafaye

Dollhouse inside House on the Rock
photo by John Kroll

Stettheimer Dollhouse
photo by Kristine Paulus

Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle
photo by Kathy

Dollhouse Candy Cabinet
by Stéphanie Kilgast

Dollhouse bedroom
photo by Béatrice

Dollhouse library
photo by dmmalva

Bedtime Story
by Chris Nitz

Gingerbread House in Progress
by Stéphanie Kilgast

Dollhouse full of bees
photo by shelmac
At night they all retired to the honeycombs in the kitchen, Lo-Fi Arts Festival, 2012


* Let's Build a Dollhouse, how-to site
* Make an easy bookcase dollhouse
* Dollhouse wall boxes (dioramas)
* Miniatures tutorials


Pop said...

I'm amazed whenever I look at miniature houses/rooms. Patience, a steady hand, and plenty of imagination!

Thanks for sharing again.

michelle kogan said...

Flo like Poe-FANTASTIC, thanks Tabatha!