Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fur babies

“I've always had this feeling," Henry says, "that all dogs are really therapy dogs.”
~Meg Donohue

photo by Christi Gain

For Wellness Wednesday, we're spending time with animals. I almost feel like I could just give you the link to We Rate Dogs and call it a day. They offer a heaping helping of blood-pressure-lowering adorableness.

Ways to hang out with animals if you can't actually own one (or if you do but you still want more animal-time) include volunteering at a shelter or a wild animal rescue, fostering a pet, helping raise a seeing eye dog, being a dog walker or sitter, visiting a zoo or nature center, or just going on a walk.

Alternatively, you could just enjoy some animal videos and photos. This video is called "Reasons you should have a cat," but they also could have called it "Do you want a small friend to take on dogs, bears, and possibly trash your house?"

10 Popular Small Pets (info to help you decide, if you are in the market for a pet)

photo by Gary Lin

Addendum: Man buys robotic cat as gift for his mother who has dementia

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HWY said...

Loved the cat videos. We have four cats and they all have different personalities and intelligence levels...but they are all curious and fearless sometimes.

Great video on the cat trying to find the squirrel behind the computer screen after seeing it on the monitor. Says everything about feline curiosity. And the cat standing up to the bear cub says everything about their fearlessness.

But please, don't let them learn to open doors and drawers...and really please, don't let them learn to move ceiling panels and climb into the rafters!