Monday, May 1, 2017


When you're young, all evolution lies before you, every road is open to you, and at the same time you can enjoy the fact of being there on the rock, flat mollusk-pulp, damp and happy.
~Italo Calvino

Last week, I went to Elena's school orchestra concert. One of the highlights was when they played a composition written by a member of the orchestra. Camilo's piece was inspired by "The Distance of the Moon," a dreamy story by Italo Calvino about a love triangle. (Read about the story here). I don't have a video of the performance to share, but thinking about it made me look up young composers for today. In my research, I liked Judd Greenstein's work in particular. There was something playful about it that made me seek out repeat listenings.

One more quote from Italo Calvino:

...we contemplated the stars beyond the Moon, big as pieces of fruit, made of light, ripened on the curved branches of the sky, and everything exceeded my most luminous hopes, and yet, and yet, it was, instead, exile.
~Italo Calvino

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