Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stocking up

“My father once said to me when I was younger, ‘If you see two people arguing and you want to figure out who’s losing the argument, just listen to who’s shouting the loudest. The person who begins to devolve is the one losing the argument.”
~Chad Marlow

Since his entry into the political scene, Trump has made public discourse a lot more contentious, uncivil, unreasonable. Between that and his conflicts-of-interest, his cabinet choices, and his backers/hackers, it's hard for me to have peace of mind. In difficult times, self-care is especially important.

This Wellness Wednesday, let's focus on nourishment. Gotta keep your strength up! How about a nice stock? I love making stocks -- they make the house smell great and they make soups taste wonderful. I even drink them plain. (I don't think any of these recipes call for it, but I always add fire cider -- apple cider vinegar with hot peppers, etc.-- to the mix.)

Alton Brown's Chicken Stock recipe
Emeril Lagasse's Beef Stock recipe
Rick's Ham Stock recipe
Fish Stock recipe from Epicurious
Stone Soup Veggie Broth recipe

A bonus: Warm Spiced Ginger Tea

If you have a favorite stock tip or recipe, let me know!

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Pop said...

Really nice video on creating stock. (And now I also know the difference between stock and broth. :-)