Saturday, January 21, 2017


OK, so what am I doing?
~Leonard Shelby (Memento)

Recently, I've seen some movies that I especially liked: Arrival, Memento, and Train to Busan. Arrival is quiet, Train to Busan (a South Korean zombie movie) is not at all quiet, and Memento is backwards (literally).

Train to Busan reminds us that love can bring out the best in us, and that leaders who don't love anyone but themselves can bring out the worst.

What movies have you particularly enjoyed lately?


Margaret Simon said...

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Arrival. The idea of deciphering and learning an alien language and then the bigger idea of how we can bring peace to the world!
I loved La La Land, just plain old fashioned love story musical with a modern day message of follow your dreams.

Lucky Cascabella said...

Thank you. I recently loved Captain Fantastic, which was about an amazing family and very entertaining. Also Hunt for the Wilderpeople. They both left me feeling better about things.

Tabatha said...

Margaret, I'll be sharing a song from La La Land tomorrow! Lucky, I like your name. Thanks for the movie suggestions -- I will check them out!

HWY said...

Okay...I'll bet you won't have seen this coming:

Last week we saw three old silent movies at a local theatre. They had an eleven-piece orchestra playing the music (and sound effects) that originally accompanied them, too. This was great fun. The movies were: The Playhouse (1921) starring Buster Keaton, Get Out and Get Under (1920) starring Harold Lloyd, and Easy Street (1916) starring Charles Chaplin.

I enjoyed them all, but Harold Lloyd was definitely my favorite.