Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rob Bridges

People who really appreciated animals always asked their names.
~Lilian Jackson Braun

Playful, imaginative illustrations by Robert Bridges today. Thanks, R!

The Hypnogogic Reveries of Charles Hamm
by Rob Bridges

The Black Rider of the Iron Hills
by Rob Bridges

The Cloud Thieves
by Rob Bridges

Quartermaster Black Moggy Bill
by Rob Bridges

The Vagabond Milliner
by Rob Bridges

Escape from the Meadow Party
by Rob Bridges


Pop said...

Very cool illustrations. Some made me smile, some made me scratch my head, others made me wince.

Favorites: The Black Rider of the Iron Hills, Quartermaster Black Moggy Bill, and Escape from the Meadow Party (which made me wonder about what was going on at that party!).

Tabatha said...

Was the branch about to knock the hats off the milliner's head what made you wince? I didn't post the picture of him, but the milliner does have an assistant, thank goodness.

Retta said...

What fun these are to look at. They have an old-fashioned, aged kind of style I quite like, and full of whimsy. They seem to tell a story, yet I feel like I came in in the middle of that story. Very intriguing!

Karen Eastlund said...

Quite a delightful set of illustrations! The wolf is my favorite. I definitely want to know more about him...

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Catching up on some unopened email this morning. What fun and intriguing illustrations! I'll have to check out more of his work.

Pop said...

Actually it was The Cloud Thieves that gave me pause. Something rather threatening about it.