Thursday, January 12, 2017

Monique Passicot

Possible reality [is obtained] by slightly bending physical and chemical laws.
~Marcel Duchamp

When I ran across Monique Passicot's artwork, I immediately thought about sharing it here. Thank you, Monique, for giving me permission!

Eye of the Storm
by Monique Passicot

by Monique Passicot

by Monique Passicot

The Beholder
by Monique Passicot

Still Life With Glass & Pencil
by Monique Passicot

by Monique Passicot

by Monique Passicot


HWY said...

Wonderful artwork...and I can see some slightly bent physical laws here (Duchamp would approve!)

Love Whispers and Grace, but The Beholder is my favorite.

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Wow! Thanks for introducing us to Monique's work, Tabatha. I especially love Midnight, The Beholder, and Grace.

Ben said...

Love it!