Thursday, March 24, 2016

There shall she keep her fearless state

It is no use waiting for your ship to come in unless you have sent one out.
~Belgian Proverb

Our spotlight is on Belgium today.

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai, Belgium
photo by Vincent Desjardins

photo by Pedro

Carnaval de Binche 2015
photo by Antonio Ponte

Training his horse
photo by Johan Neven

Beguinage Enclosure, Bruges, Belgium
photo by David Merrett

Pairi Daiza, Brugelette, Belgium
photo by Gaetan Ducatteeuw

photo by Daviddje

Antwerp, Belgium
photo by Willy Verhulst

The title of this post comes from a WWI poem:

By Edith Wharton

La Belgique ne regrette rien

Not with her ruined silver spires,
Not with her cities shamed and rent,
Perish the imperishable fires
That shape the homestead from the tent.

Wherever men are staunch and free,
There shall she keep her fearless state,
And homeless, to great nations be
The home of all that makes them great.


HWY said...

Fitting topic for today, Tabatha. Such wonderful photos (especially loved Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai, Belgium and Dinant) and the poem was a perfect fit.

Longue Belgium en direct!

Diane Mayr said...

A lovely tribute.