Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Slow Art Day

Slow Art Day is coming April 9th!

What's Slow Art Day? Slow down and look at some art. Many art museums and galleries are having special "slow art" events. You can also spend time with art on your own. This interesting idea for a meditative slow art day is from the official site:

Host Maria Gil Ulldemolins says
For my very first Slow Art Day, I plan to invite art lovers to be mindful in front of a painting. In a traditional mindfulness meditation, you take your breath as something to rest your mind on. In this case, your mind perches on the artwork, like a bird.

Even for me, observing a painting for a really long time is a challenge. My brain is so addicted to looking for stimulation that simply accepting whatever is in front of you can prove difficult. With this exercise, the observation is guided, and therefore, more relaxed. There is no pressure to keep yourself focused, there is a context. You are walked through the surface as if it was a landscape. You stop to appreciate shapes, textures and colors; and you are not alone in this, but in a group. The emphasis is on letting go of expectations and judgment to really allow ourselves to really see what is right before our eyes.

Here's a painting I've been spending time with (not in person, unfortunately). Click on it to embiggen.

The Last House in Lynmouth
By Helen Allingham, 1848-1926


Doraine Bennett said...

What a wonderful practice. And this is a beautiful painting. Much to absorb. Enjoy your slow art day.

Christina said...

Truly lovely. Thanks for sharing! Your posts in my email inbox are always something to look forward to!