Thursday, November 5, 2015

Palette Party

Color is the fruit of life.
~Guillaume Apollinaire

If color is the fruit of life, are palettes the branches? Spotlighting the humble paint-holder today:

Artist's palette
by Jean-Francois Phillips

Salon des Cents
by Louis Rhead

Where the Impressionists Haunted the Streets
by Trey Ratcliff

Happy Birthday Ola!
by omgponies2

3ra. Exposición de Bellas Artes é Industrias Artísticas
by Alexandre de Riquer

Pollen Palette
by Jessica Lucia

by Greta Bianchi


Author Amok said...

When I look at the poster for Salon des Cent, that is the same palette for the cover of my friend's middle grade novel, SECRETS OF THE DRAGON TOMB. It's set in an alternate Victorian Era -- I see the connection with these colors.

Tabatha said...

Just checked it out and your friend's book looks great, Laura! I like that kind of premise/setting.

Linda B said...

Lovely to see all these, Tabatha. I used to have my students study the colors & the color palette, then create their own art piece with them. They were wonderfully creative. Thank you!

HWY said...

There's just something about a full palette that is so welcoming to me. Love the colors...and the possibilities!

However, my favorite example shown is of the cupcakes. :-)

Retta said...

I agree with HWY about a full palette. So full of promise, so exciting.

I actually have a ritual for beginning most paintings, in deciding upon which colors to use; lovingly picking the tubes out, putting all the rest away, and then squeezing out each onto the palette. By putting all the rest away, I feel so committed to and immersed in THAT particular palette... I fall in love with each palette, thinking it's my favorite family of colors. Until the next time... then a new love affair starts. :-D

Again, really enjoyed this post!

Ben said...

Love the cupcakes!