Monday, September 8, 2014

Free eBook about Reading

Teachers and tutors might be interested in Scholastic's Open a World of Possible, a free eBook that collects readers' stories about their reading lives. I heard about this from Franki at A Year of Reading who says, "Open a World of Possible has come at the perfect time--the beginning of a new school year. Building a community of readers is such an important part of our work. And I find that for that to happen, students need to begin to build their own identity as readers. I want them to know themselves as readers and to live their lives as a reader, both in and out of school. For them to become lifelong readers, they need to see themselves as unique readers."

Students need to feel free to have preferences and opinions, to experiment with trying out new books, to share their favorites with each other. Students need the opportunity to read joyfully.

As Scholastic says, "When that happens, the world opens. Everything becomes possible."

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