Monday, July 15, 2013

Did You Practice?

Three bits about music teachers to share this Music Monday. The first is a video about stuff music teachers say. You can tell that the students who put it together had fun with it. The second is part of a speech given by Wynton Marsalis. Lastly, we have a video about a music teacher in Philadelphia. I am so impressed with his dedication.


Wynton Marsalis, presenting Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation awards to music teachers:

“Band directors, music teachers...are artists...They are psychological concierges; they know how to help you get over the fact that you’re not first chair...They know how to console you when you’ve messed up the one solo you had and you worked on it for an entire year...They are politicians. They know how to deal with the politics of parents and the school administration...They are coaches. They know how to put teams together. They know how to get us all to work... above all they love their students. They love us and they deserve to be respected.”


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